Veterans' Realtor Serving Boerne Texas and Surrounding Areas

Serving Veterans in Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio Texas

Serving Veterans in Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio Texas

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When it comes to buying or selling a home, veterans often face unique challenges that require the expertise and dedication of real estate professionals who understand their specific needs. In the scenic landscapes of Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio, Texas, two remarkable individuals, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd, Realtor and Broker respectively, of Solid Realty Group, have established themselves as pillars of support for veterans in the real estate market. Their commitment, experience, and innovative programs have not only made the process of buying and selling homes more accessible but have also allowed veterans to save thousands in closing costs. In this blog post, we will delve into their extraordinary journey and the exceptional programs they offer, illustrating why local veterans should choose Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd when embarking on their real estate journey.

Chapter 1: The Veterans’ Advantage

Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio, Texas are home to a significant number of veterans who have bravely served their country. However, transitioning into civilian life can be challenging, and buying or selling a home can be one of the most significant financial decisions they make. Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd recognize the sacrifices and unique needs of veterans and have made it their mission to offer them an advantage in the real estate market.

Jessica Johnson, a seasoned veteran’s Realtor in Boerne TX, has worked with veterans for many years and understands the complexities of the VA loan process. Her extensive knowledge of the local market and the VA loan system enables her to guide veterans through the home buying or selling process with ease. Cali Redd, the Broker at Solid Realty Group, brings an additional layer of expertise, overseeing the entire operation and ensuring that every client, especially veterans, receives the highest level of service.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Unique Needs of Veterans

One of the key reasons Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd have become go-to professionals for veterans is their deep understanding of the unique needs and concerns that veterans face in the real estate market. They appreciate the importance of a smooth transition into civilian life and the value of a stable home for veterans and their families.

Veterans often have specific requirements and challenges, such as VA loans, post-service employment stability, and adjusting to life outside the military. Jessica and Cali are well-versed in these aspects and have developed tailored programs and services to address them. These programs aim to not only simplify the real estate process but also save veterans substantial amounts in closing costs, making the dream of home ownership more achievable.

Chapter 3: The Programs That Make a Difference

Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd’s innovative programs have set them apart in the real estate industry, demonstrating their dedication to serving veterans and facilitating a seamless transition into civilian life. Let’s explore some of the key programs that have been instrumental in achieving this goal.

A. The Veterans-First Home Buying Program

One of the standout initiatives by Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd is their Veterans-First Home Buying Program. This program is designed to guide veterans through the home buying process with a focus on VA loans. Jessica’s expertise in VA loans, combined with Cali’s experience as a Broker, ensures that veterans get the best deals and secure their dream homes without the stress that often accompanies the real estate process.

This program also includes personalized home searches that match veterans with properties that meet their specific needs, as well as dedicated support throughout the negotiation and closing processes. By prioritizing veterans’ interests and providing tailored services, Jessica and Cali enable veterans to save both time and money.

B. Zero Down Payment Options

Understanding that veterans often face financial constraints, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd have established partnerships with lenders and institutions that offer zero down payment options. This financial support is a game-changer for veterans, as it allows them to enter the housing market without the burden of a down payment, which can be a significant barrier for many.

Through their network of trusted partners, Jessica and Cali make it possible for veterans to become homeowners without depleting their savings, making the dream of home ownership more accessible and achievable.

C. Closing Cost Assistance

Jessica and Cali understand that closing costs can be a significant financial burden for veterans. To alleviate this concern, they have developed a unique program that offers substantial assistance with closing costs. By reducing the financial strain on veterans during the home buying process, they can allocate their resources to other important aspects of their transition, such as finding employment and settling into their new homes.

Chapter 4: The Personal Touch

What truly sets Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd apart in their work with veterans is the personal touch they bring to every client interaction. They take the time to understand the individual needs and concerns of veterans, recognizing that each client’s journey is unique.

Both Jessica and Cali have a strong commitment to providing one-on-one consultations, ensuring that veterans feel heard and supported throughout the process. Their empathy and dedication have earned them the trust and respect of the veteran community in Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio.

Chapter 6: The Importance of Local Veterans Choosing Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd

The importance of local veterans choosing Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd of Solid Realty Group becomes evident when considering the benefits and advantages they offer:

  1. Expertise in VA Loans: Jessica’s deep understanding of VA loans ensures that veterans can take full advantage of this valuable resource. Her knowledge of the local market and VA loan intricacies is unparalleled.

  2. Tailored Programs: The innovative programs developed by Jessica and Cali make home ownership more achievable for veterans. Zero down payment options and closing cost assistance are game-changing for those transitioning into civilian life.

  3. Personalized Support: Jessica and Cali provide one-on-one consultations and personalized support, making the process as stress-free as possible. They genuinely care about each veteran’s unique journey.

  4. Proven Success: The testimonials and success stories from veterans who have benefited from their services highlight the exceptional results they consistently deliver.


In the picturesque regions of Boerne, Helotes, and North San Antonio, Texas, Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd of Solid Realty Group have emerged as the trusted allies of veterans in the real estate market. Their unwavering commitment, deep expertise in VA loans, innovative programs, and personalized support have made the dream of home ownership a reality for many local veterans.

By choosing Jessica and Cali, veterans in this area not only gain access to unparalleled knowledge and support but also the opportunity to save thousands in closing costs. The dedication of these remarkable professionals to serve those who have served our country is a testament to their character and commitment to the community.

For local veterans embarking on their real estate journey, the choice is clear: Jessica Johnson and Cali Redd of Solid Realty Group are the partners they can trust to make their transition into civilian life as smooth and successful as possible.

Call (210) 827-3733

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